Duration: 5 days
Transportation: car, bicycle, raft
Suggested age: from 8
Suggested period: from May to September
Route: Međimurje – Zalakaros

Day 1  10:00 – 16:00 TERME SVETI MARTIN

  • Check-in at the Hotel Terme Sveti Martin or  the Regina Apartments in Toplice Sveti Martin.
  • Swimming in outdoor pools, thermal pools with healing water in “The temple of life”, a rich entertainment program adapted to all ages, various activities such as golf, cycling, trim trails.
  • A trip or walk to the nearby Deer, Muflon and Wild Boar Farm. Possibility of meat products tasting.

16:00 – 19:00 ŠTRIGOVA

  • Riding e-bikes to Železna Gora, visit to the Dragon Garden of the Valkaj family, sightseeing of the park with sculptures.
  • Short ceramics workshop (optional).
  • Continue the cycling tour to the Bike info center with lookout tower on the Mađerka Hill, possibility of wine tasting. Return to Toplice Sveti Martin.
  • Dinner and free time, possibility of night swimming.

Day 2  10:00 – 14:00 TERME SVETI MARTIN

  • Morning  is reserved for the Wellness Center at the Hotel Terme Sveti Martin. Rich offer of

massages, 4 types of saunas and ice caves.

  • Short drive to Čakovec .

         14.00 – 20.00 ČAKOVEC/FRKANOVEC

  • Lunch at one of the city’s restaurants.
  • Sightseeing of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Međimurje: Archaeological Department, Ethnographic Department, History Department, Art Gallery and the Treasury of Međimurje.
  • Short walk from the Old Town to the city center. Sightseeing of the Art Nouveau Palace, the parish church and the Franciscan monastery.
  • Transfer to Frkanovec to Wellness Park Arcadia.
  • Dinner and free time.

Day 3   9.00 – 13.00 MURA RIVER

  • Light rafting on the Mura river – adapted to families (minimum number of participants: 5 people; tour by prior arrangement; proposed from Sveta Marija to Donja Dubrava).
  • Transfer to Hungary.

15:00 – 20:00 – ZALAKAROS

  • Check -in, to one of the hotels and pensions of Zalakaros
  • Lunch at the restaurant by the lake.
  • Walk around the Thermal Lake and Eco Park. Zalakaros preserves its most valuable treasure, the water, by honoring its departure and collecting it in an artificially created lake, creating an eye-catching park around it. The environment, built in harmony with nature, also serves as a recreation spot: a 21-meter-high dry slide, a water educational trail, a bridge across the lake, a pavilion of sounds and meditations, and a study trail on the southern edge of the lake. Then head to the Zalakaros Lookout Tower and the surrounding roundabout (5 km).
  • Dinner in the Lookout wine bar with wine tasting. The restaurant is very famous for its oven made dishes.

Day 4  10:00-14:00 BALATON

  • Small Balaton round trip.
  • Cycling route: Zalakaros – Zalakomár – Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve – Balatonmagyaród – Kányavári Island – Zalavár – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros.
  • Route lenght: 30 km.
  • The Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve is the largest flock of buffaloes to visit in Hungary, where in addition to the native buffaloes, you can also see the agile deer.
  • You can cross Kányavári Island by a special wooden bridge. There is also an educational trail, a lookout and a bird-watching place on the island, which is worth visiting only because of the beautiful, prolific plants and the wonderful view of Kis-Balaton.
  • Lunch in Zalakaros.

14:00-18:00 ZALAKAROS SPA

  • In one of the most famous family, adventure spas in Hungary, all ages will find entertainment and relaxation opportunities: a multi-level indoor children’s world, an adventure pool, a saltwater pool and even a two-storey sauna world. In summer, you can also try 12 hectares of free beaches and a huge slide park.
  • Dinner at a restaurant, free program in the city.

DAY 5 NAGYKANIZSA 10:00 – 13:00

  • Bicycle tour to Nagykanizsa after leaving the accommodation.
  • Cycling route: Zalakaros – Galambok – Nagyrécse – Nagykanizsa (Boating lake).
  • Length of the route: 25 km.
  • In Nagyrécse you have the opportunity to see the 18th century Neo-Romanesque church and the Inkey Castle. Village tourism enthusiasts can visit the neighbouring Bacónak Mountain, where a pleasant community space with a chapel and horseback riding awaits hikers.
  • On the border of Nagykanizsa there is the Boating Lake, which is a popular excursion destination among the locals. There are also cycle paths, a children’s playground, a gym and a lookout tower. In the forest there is an XCO track and various trekking routes. The new Eco Centre is a continuation of the development of recent years. You should definitely try the pum ptrack.

13:00 – 17:00

  • Lunch at the Vineyard Inn, in the afternoon sightseeing in Nagykanizsa. After a short trip, visit to the Miklósfa Arboretum and Park Forest, where there are mostly pines on 28 hectares, most of which are mammoth, spruce, douglas firs and forest pines. The oldest tree is the oak tree in the central square, which is more than 130 years old.
  • Departure.